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Eek Daddy dressed me

By April 6, 2016 Twins

This is a silly topic but it has to be said that when I say ‘Darling could you just dress the boys’ that I never know what weird and not-so wonderful combinations will appear. I must say that the top photo here is nowhere near the worst concoction that has appeared but it seems to be the only photo I have of these colourful creations. I must be a terrible mother and only take photos of the boys when they are wearing suitable clothes.

The first attempt at daddy dressing would have to be my favourite. When the boys were a week or so old we had had a pooplosion and daddy was in charge of changing. I assumed, given it was winter he would just pick a winter onesie, but no… out came a screaming baby with a pair of overly large trousers on and a summer onesie over the top without the bottom poppers done up. What made matters worse was that his legs weren’t in the trouser legs and instead just had a frog leg pose in the top of the trousers so the legs of the trousers hung down like limp lifeless celery stalks!

Another classic ‘daddy’ dressing technique is having issues with the poppers on onesies. I know that some of the winter onesies that seem to have hundreds of poppers on them seem impossible to do up when exhausted and in zombie mode but really… not being able to even do up the nappy edge poppers is ridiculous. When the boys were first born my mum used to come and stay to help me during the night and she could always tell who had changed the previous nappy depending on whether the poppers were done up or not.

Another amazing fashion decision that has been made in the deep dark depths of the nursery is that summer onesies should be done up over the top of pants so that the boys look like they are about to attend an ’80’s workout session. As much as this looks feminine and also so out of era, I don’t know how he even got this wrong. This didn’t just happen once by the way, and I think once he even said that it looks better this way…

I wish I had taken photos of the ‘outfits’ that have graced the sitting room, to be soon changed prior to leaving the house, but I seem to be an awful mum and only take photos when they look cute in their proper outfits. I must say that I am not a mum that have to have them looking perfect all the time but do have a few standards as to what they will wear when we leave the house.


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Cute Twin Photos

By March 31, 2016 Twins

I know that I seem to be turning into one of those Mum’s that just goes on about her kids (and constantly blogs about how cute they are) but below are some super cute photos that I have managed to get in the last 6 or so months. The above image was the day after my Mum’s recent birthday party. We all stayed over and we ended up playing happy families with the two twins in the bed when we should have been getting up the next day. I think this photo is so cute especially as their outfits were amazing on the day. Unfortunately we lost these onesies the day after the party and this is probably the last sighting of them. I like to think that the left twin is sticking his tongue out on purpose but I’m sure he isn’t. It is funny though.


The above photo was a recent quite chilly morning that I decided to dress them in their new super cute trackies until it heated up. I didn’t realise how similar they looked in this photo until my Mum mixed them up when replying to my text. They look like little bombers in this photo but still very cute.


I thought this was a cute photo probably because of the colours and I think they look quite good in polo shirts. Not the best but still cute.


I took this photo on their 6 month birthday. They really don’t look very similar here but both look very happy.


I took this photo the first time we wore these dungarees to send to Mum who had bought them for them. Again I think this is a cute photo.


I took this photo in the morning as I walked into their nursery at my Mum’s house. That night was the first, and only so far, night that they seemed to have slept through. When I woke up the monitor had a slightly weird setting on it so I’m hoping that I didn’t do that in the middle of the night instead of waking up to them screaming but they seem happy in this photo. I like to think that they felt comfortable like this snuggled up to each other. Like a little Ying and Yang. In reality they don’t usually like sleeping next to each other like this so I don’t quite know how they got like this, given they were put down almost a metre apart.


I took this photo on Christmas day and am really annoyed that my little elf was moving a bit as it was so cute and such a good photo of them. I was totally sold to the dodgy Christmas outfits on sale in the shops. If you can’t do it for the first Christmas when can you.


I made a calendar for 2016 and this is the photo for December. I love this photo especially as it took me about 30 pictures to get this one. At this stage we were nowhere near being able to sit up so most of the photos are of them slowly falling in all directions. What is a girl to do when she has twins and not really much to do in the day apart from dressing them up and taking cute photos of them. Wow I never thought I would be a mother that would do that but it turns out I am.


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Alpha twin photos

By March 31, 2016 Twins

I have so many of these photos where one of the boys looks good and the other one is either asleep or crying or just generally looking gormless that it’s silly to post about it but I think they are funny and they will probably be coming out at the 21st as well. What a cruel Mum!!!


I think this photo is hilarious as the twin in the blue seems to be looking at the twin in the orange and thinking ‘what on earth are you crying for you silly boy, Mum I don’t want to be associated with him’.

I don’t know if every Mum does it but I speak out loud with what I believe the boys are saying at that time. The twin in the orange quite often looks at me with a very serious expression when I have done something silly. I like to believe that he has is thinking ‘Mum what on earth are you doing, that is the silliest think yet’. I think it is maybe because I am tired, or maybe because I lack conversation during the day but making up monologue for the boys is fun.


I have heaps of these photos where they should be good, but one of the twins wants all of the attention. I like to believe in this photo he is practicing his superman impersonation with the arm at the ready. I think in all honesty the other twin was making noise and he wanted to be alpha twin. This used to happen in the old days, however, I think the tables have turned and it is now the twin that is wearing the zig zags in the above photo that now seems to dominate the relationship. They have just started both sitting up so I can now have them sitting up playing with toys. The only toy that the twins with zig zags wants are the ones that the other one has. I think we may have issues with him in the future as he really needs to learn to share. At the moment he would make a great only child. When I feed them solids he is not happy when the spoon or water bottle leaves his mouth and goes to the other twins. I think I need to work on this but I’m hoping he will grow out of it. Fingers crossed.


PS. Again with the superman arm when they were much younger. Maybe he has something to tell me, hmmm.

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Twin photos that look like mirror images

By March 31, 2016 Twins

Looking through the thousand odd photos that I have taken since the boys have been born I have noticed, that I have quite a few photos where they both have the same expressions on their faces and are looking across their brother to the other side of the room. It is strange how these are all alike, well they would be if they were wearing identical clothing.

20160324_174244_resized I don’t quite know what to call these photos but they are funny and will probably have to come out at their 21st’s as expressionless baby photos.


Looking back on a few of the photos that I took months ago it is sometimes hard to pick who is who. People are now saying that the boys are looking more and more alike but I don’t know, they have changed a bit, obviously, since they were born and now I have to try to remember how I used to tell them apart as that has changed over time. My dad recently went back to the UK to visit his Mum so we printed off really good photos of the boys and going back through them in some of them I was really struggling to tell who was who. I remember at the time people telling me that they looked alike and thinking ‘No they don’t’ well I have bitten my tongue.

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Twin fights: Baby Bruisers

By March 31, 2016 Twins

I quite often do this during the day as it amuses me when I am really tired. What a horrendous Mum. If I lie one of the twins on the other one they play fight with each other which is really cute to watch until we get tears.


They really look like bruisers in this photo, however, they always smile when they do this and laugh at each other that I am glad I finally got a photo where they were both happy. I’m sure one of them poked the other in the eye or chomped on the others hand right after this photo was taken, but for the time being they were happy brothers.


I think the above photo quickly ended with me stopping one of them hurting the other. It looks so cute though and when I first put them on the other they laugh so much that it makes my lack of sleep worth it.

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Twins first Easter

By March 31, 2016 Food, Travel, Twins

We had a great weekend down south. Not only wine tasting but introducing the boys to AFL (unfortunately both of our teams lost) and chocolate. My husband is a Carlton supporter and I am a Freo one meaning that we have had to divide the twins up and choose who they support. I’m currently going along with one of the twins being a Carlton supporter but I’m sure when the time comes he will choose Freo :) At the end of the last season when the boys were very newly born one of them weed on their dockers t-shirt so he became the Carlton supporter. I love these onesies that we have bought them. They are a bit tacky but super cute.


My mum insisted on buying them an Easter egg so at the end of the weekend we let them have a bit. This photo got dramatically worse when they ended up sucking on a bit of chocolate and entirely covering themselves head to toe with it. I suppose I have this to come when they start feeding themselves!!!

20160324_181914_resized Another first this weekend was them both having a walker each and bombing around discovering the house. Unfortunately, my parents puppy Labradoodle wasn’t too keen on the newly moving boys and shied away from wherever they were if in the walkers. They really bombed around in these and loved it. They usually followed each other and tried to find each other when they were by themselves which was really cute. My Mum has a big island bench in the kitchen and they were doing laps of this chasing the dog which was really funny.

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Wine tasting in the Margaret River wine region

By March 31, 2016 Travel, Wine

We snuck down south for Easter to my parents house. I like to escape there as often as I can not only to stay palm the boys of with my Mum, number 1 baby sitter, but also who doesn’t love it down there. I feel like as soon as we drive past Mandurah on the freeway my whole body relaxes and moves into ‘down south mode’.

Whilst down there we usually do a couple of wineries wine tasting. Obviously last year when I was pregnant I had to miss out on my ‘favourite pastime’ whilst down south which was very difficult. I did go wine tasting once with my brother and his fiance and just sniffed the good wines which really didn’t make up for not tasting but you do what you have to do.

I feel like I have tasted my way around most of the wineries down south, so when I go out with friends I am usually looked upon, or at least I feel it am, to decide our route for our tasting spectacular. On this particular occasion we went to a few of my favourites including a newly opened winery that my hubby and I went tasting at a few months ago when they were first opened. This winery was called Amelia Park and it is amazing. The setting is spectacular and they are opening a restaurant which I am really excited about as our current restaurant down there has gone off recently. The picture above is looking out from there cellar door and the below one is looking at there, I assume, winery.


Last time we went to Amelia Park they had an amazing Rose on which is made in the french style and took me back to days travelling around France drinking bucket loads of the stuff. Unfortunately, the had sold out of the Rose but still had amazing wines to taste. I like their Chardonnay, the Cab Merlot, and the Shiraz.

We also went wine tasting at Flying Fish, House of Cards, and Windows estate each of which had amazing wines. The standout for me, even though I am mainly a red drinker, was the Sauv Blanc at House of Cards which had a really grapey dry taste due to the fact that they leave the skins (I think) in which gives it this really interesting taste. I ended up buying a few reds from each of the wineries as I, much to the amusement of my fellow tastees, feel that if you have enjoyed the wine you should buy at least 1 bottle. I think we have finished them already. Wine doesn’t last long in our house especially when I have had a particularly screamy day, a glass or two does go down well with dinner.


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Amazing wine for a quick Wednesday night dinner

By March 30, 2016 Food, Wine

We had a friend over for dinner who always brings amazing wines whilst we do the food. Tonight was no exception. I’m sure the wine is much more pricey that what we would usually spend but these were two AMAZING bottles. I don’t think our antipasto nibblies, schnitzel with caprese salad, and tuscan plum tart were on the same level as these wines.

The first one the Casella Shiraz was one of the best Shiraz’s I have had in years. We drank it first before dinner as we thought the Saltram would be the good one but I don’t think I could go past this wine again. It was seriously Yummy!!! So smooth but amazing depth. Very typical Shiraz flavour but so well rounded.

The next one we had ‘with dinner’ was still really good but I don’t think I could compare it to the first one. It was a Saltram Shiraz.


Again sorry about the pictures, we seemed to be drinking clear wine again!!!

Speaking of what we made. The Tuscan Plum Tart is a easy pud favourite of mine. It is a recipe of Rachel Allen’s and is amazing and really easy to do.


I have made this with different stone fruit before and even cherries. It has always worked and everyone always loves it. I have made it with strawberries before as I couldn’t get any stone fruit and I wouldn’t do that again. It was very sweet and just tasted like I had smeared strawberry jam onto the bottom of the pan. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth so epic fail on that one. Of course that was the time that I was taking it to a party for someone I had been gloating about it to. Sods law really that that was the only time it didn’t work, eek.

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Wine, What’s current! In our household anyway

By March 23, 2016 Wine

Even though we only live 2.5 hours away from a major wine region and regularly holiday down there I have recently joined a wine club. Having wine delivered to your door and getting good deals on wine is awesome in my book!!!

My three favourites out of what has recently been delivered is:

  • Shiraz Viognier – This was my stand out favourite. I have recently started loving the Viognier mixed in with the Shiraz, not only do I find it a bit dirtier, but also a bit lighter than a full punch in the face Shiraz.20160323_132453_resized
  • Shiraz – This Shiraz was lovely. It was really intense but really smooth. A really good wine with a good meal.
  • Pinot Grigio – I wouldn’t usually order pinot grigio after living in the UK for a while I got a bit bored of it, but after getting a bit bored of Sav Blanc and wanting something a little easier drinking than a really woody Chardy (my fave) I thought I would give it a try. This Pinot Grigio lived up to it’s reviews. It was light and easy drinking but crisp and smooth at the same time. I was worried with the 2015 year, but it was remarkably tasty.20160323_132412_resized

I’m a major red wine fan, I usually start with a white but then quickly move onto red. Much to the annoyance of some of my friends who are mainly white drinkers. In recent years we have been getting into the Margaret River Cab Merlots. In the past I have always preferred Shiraz’s or heavier reds than a Cab Merlot, however, I don’t know if it is me getting older or my palate changing but recently I have warmed more to Cab Merlots. During summer I suppose I would usually stick to lighter reds, usually Pinot Noir or a really easy drinking red that is not too in your face for a long hot night. However, I don’t know if it is just that it is the end of summer but Cab Merlots have been doing the trick recently. Also, we got a really good deal on a few cases of Margaret River Cab Merlot so that may also be the case, literally :)

When we got the cases and started drinking the Shiraz’s I couldn’t believe how strong the Shiraz was, I think I must be getting wimpy in my old age. However, after a few glasses and after having a few of the bottles (over a few nights :)) I am re-falling in love with Shiraz. It’s funny how your palate changes and suddenly you just need a change for a while. I find the same with white wine I would quite often just get a Sav Blanc, however, I feel I have gone off this at the moment but now when I do have a glass I really enjoy it.

For my first order from my wine club I was very happy. Yet again sorry for the picture of the Shiraz Viognier bottle, it was not a clear wine, but not unfortunately went down a little well before I could take a photo of it :)

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